Dvd free lite isn't working


I am running Windows Media XP and for some stupid reason, my region code is set to 1 (I am in region 4). I’ve tried changing it to 4 (Windows tells me I have one change left) but it won’t let me. Tells me to put in a region 4 DVD (which I had already) and asks me whether I am the administer (I’m the only user and it’s not networked). I have had DVD free lite loaded on my computer for ages, and yet now cannot run any DVD but region 1. I have uninstalled it, rebooted and tried to change the region code, same message. I downloaded the new DVD free lite, installed it and still no luck. The same message comes up when i try to change it via device manager. The DVD free lite is still running. What can i do? I figure it’s something in the registry but I’ve had my fingers burned fiddling with the registry before … as in crash and burn.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bummer!..as you said, only one attempt remaining for windows…but I believe Region Free should act as a hack anyway and provide region free functionality, but to be honest, I’m not certain.
Any idea exactly what was going on when it suddenly got stuck on R1?

I think running a registry is a good idea and if you decide to attempt this…recommend Regseeker, free, effective and pretty safe as cleaners go. Do this after uninstalling Region Free…again.
Problem, of course, you’ve only got one shot left…so…
Also, you may want to consider -
Uninstall your burner(s) from device manager, both places - the IDE controllers and the DVD/CD-ROM drives and physically unplug the burner(s) as well, shut down, then power up, shut down, replug the drives, power up and let windows reinstall.

Hope this helps.

What make/model drive do you have?
Please don’t say Matshita (Panasonic).

Thanks for replying. Well … I think I’m sunk. Yes, it’s a Matshita and it’s a DVD-RW in a notebook/laptop. I did what you suggested but it still didn’t work. So … I took the advice of a work colleague and tried the trial version of AnyDVD. Still didn’t work but at least it told me that my DVD player was stuck on region 1 and if it was a Matshita … then I’m in big trouble. I tried to find a RPC1 patch but can’t find one for that particular model (UJ-845D) and they sound a bit scary. I’m not sure how this all happened. The windows media centre DVD player is useless and I remember that even with DVD region + CSS free running in the background, it still prompted me to change regions. Maybe I did it a few too many times (although I hate using the media centre - what a dumb Microsoft idea media centre is).

Anyway … thanks for your suggestions. It’s a rented laptop and I’m due to upgrade in 7 months so I guess I’ll put up with it.


Hi zona69,

There is no program can work for you, neither DVD Region+CSS Free nor AnyDVD, since Matshita DVD-RAM drive is simply shit!

Try to get a USB/Fireware connected DVD drive to play/copy DVDs.

Best Regards,