DVD Forum backs the CD/DVD-Audio hybrid (DualDisc)

I just posted the article DVD Forum backs the CD/DVD-Audio hybrid (DualDisc).

With both DVD-Audio and SACD hybrid discs aiming to compete with each other over the
past while, the DVD Forum has officially approved the new CD/DVD hybrid
format. The…

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I guess this means no artwork on the disc itself (at least no artwork where the audio is…I bet there will be some where it isn’t). And being extra careful about scratches and dust on both sides now? Personally, I don’t think this will ever catch on the way they want it to. Plain ol’ CD is gonna be hard to beat (and I bet plenty do not want more than what CD offers for music to start with, let alone pay more). If they offer more for the same price, I’m all for it. I just don’t see it happening. Look out for golden oldies being remastered to milk a new format, with prices to match…

Originally I thought that regular CDs only suffered if scratched on the bottom side, but found out later that if the label side gets scratched, it can result in a damaged reflective layer below it which ends up ruining the disc. Then again, unless someone perfects a label transparent to a red/infra-red laser, all these discs will like rather plain apart from the classic ‘record’ style label in the middle. :stuck_out_tongue:

for people who are educated and appreciate sound, audio quality makes all the difference. Of course, I’m not going to use that disc in my car where it could quite easily get scratched/damaged, so I would back up that side to a cdr and play that in my car.:g

What’s the point with this new disc? If the record labels really want to provide complete compatibility why not provide two discs? One a CD labelled for “portable use” while the second is a DVD-A disc for the home stereo. That’s what we’re going to do anyway (i.e. split them up when we make backups), why not do that from the start? I highly doubt that throwing in a DVD-A disc is going to seriously decrease profit margins for record labels as I see DVD’s all the time in what I call the “reject” bin at Wal-Mart where they are selling second rate movies on DVD’s for five dollars or less. It probably only costs 50 cents to produce each disc. Think how much more expensive this new disc will be to make.
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yes it’s actually the label side that is closest to the ‘data’ layer, but the thing is it’s often well-protected by basic scratches on originals due to the protective coating & printing applied.

the question is price, as usual. How many “average” people have systems to appreciate the boost in audio quality, to begin with? Very few I bet. How many will want to pay more for discs with essentially no benefit to them over CD, yet come with a higher price? I bet very few again. Convenience is driving the audio market now, and how many will want to rip new surround tracks to their portables? Very few again. That’s why I think CD will stick around for a LOOOONG time. The new format isn’t much of a jump over what we already have, especially considering the extra expense it costs to make for the benefits available to the masses. It may get a niche, but nothing groundbreaking. However, I’m all for it. I’m all for actual progress (rather than data-reduction/compression) in sound reproduction, rather than the short-term storage-limited/bandwidth-limited format approach everyone is taking to butcher sound for the sake of some convenience. I’m not all for the extortionate pricing they will more-than-likely want to charge for these new discs. Not that I’ll be buying them from any of the majors anyway. I just think that it isn’t a big enough jump over plain CDs to really make a dent in the market. It’s a transitional thing which many won’t be interested in paying more for, IMO.