DVD Forum approves the HD DVD-RW format

I just posted the article DVD Forum approves the HD DVD-RW format.

During the DVD forum’s
25th steering committee meeting the RW version 0.9 of the HD-DVD
format (also known as AOD) was approved. The ROM version of HD-DVD was already
approved last year and…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7840-DVD-Forum-approves-the-HD-DVD-RW-format.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7840-DVD-Forum-approves-the-HD-DVD-RW-format.html)

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Alright another great format war. Gee whiz only the consumer will benefit… yeah phucking right

The customer already lost., but with any luck DVD audio will take over as the music format so regular DVD will have some use in the future besides the obvious backward compatibility. But it kind of pisses me off the DVD has had such great sucess for a format that is not up to par with the technology available, or at least the specs existed, at the time of its launch. DVD is a classic example of hollywood and electronics companies trying to rip off its customers by releasing something that is already inferior. This is something I think we will keep seeing in the years to come. Unless they start including a regular DVD version of each HDDVD title I think people will stay away form it for a while becuase they wont be able to play the movie on any of their other players. HDDVD will have to be much better than DVD to be sucessful. Since the next format will also be used for data I think the bigger and the cheaper the better. I forget which one is the largest but that is the format I want to see win. Bluray looks to be 25/50 GB which is ok but I think they can do better than that.

There is no market for HDVD or Blu Ray in the UK except for some home theatre addicts. No HDTV and very few and expensive HDTV screens means they will have a tough time selling it over here. Only thing I can see it being usefull for is longer standard PAL recordings and data backup. Will be interesting to see how they push the format over here. Methinks most people will not bother being perfectly happy with DVD until the broadcasters get with it.

I can’t understand the reasons (and necessity) for a format like Win Media could obtain access to be an standard… :frowning: