DVD forum approves the AOD ROM format

I just posted the article DVD forum approves the AOD ROM format.

AOD ROM format (Advanced Optical Disc Read Only Memory) got approved by the DVD
forum steering committee during the meeting held last week. As we have reported earlier there
is a new…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7211-DVD-forum-approves-the-AOD-ROM-format.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7211-DVD-forum-approves-the-AOD-ROM-format.html)

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standards wars again. Isn’t this fun? :slight_smile: Looks like Toshiba and NEC are on a mission. Keep the competition healthy, I say :slight_smile:

This format is cool because it’s a bare disc like CDs and DVDs, the blu-ray format comes in a protective case. I know someday when I have more then 3 to 4 discs I’d rather have the same kind of media storage as I do now for CDs and DVDs, not something new to hold the plastic case. Also Netflix would be screwed if each HD-DVD came in a plastic holder. Someday I hope to dupe HD-DVDs from Netflix too.

Hehehe :B…More choice for moi!

Bare discs are a BAD thing. If you don’t believe me then try having kids or sloppy friends or relatives who touch your dists. Or a better example is products like the PS2,Xbox or Gamecube where over 50% of it’s userbase is children who cannot comprehend the concept of how to handle a disc. MiniDiscs got it right, we NEED some type of protective case around damagable media.
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Rhelic, I dunno. Spilled drink into a cartridge as well as dust collecting (mostly in the back of the minidisc, because they refused to cover the back hole with a shutter) are pretty damn annoying things to live with too.