DVD Formats

Hi, Totally new to DVD writers. I am thinking of ordering the new LG 4120b writer, but i have a couple of questions. If i order it here (UK Spec) will I be able to burn DVD’s in region 2 (Europe) and region 1 (USA) and be able to play them on stand alone DVD players in both countries ?? I know when playing DVD’s through my PC DVD player I’m locked to region 2 and I have to rip it to the hard drive before playing the movie.


There are pages with firmwares that will allow you to convert your pc dvd-rom to region free acording with its brand.

HI Scotboy welcome to the forum, all you need is a program called “Any DVD” you can find it here http://www.slysoft.com/en/ with this program running on your PC you can play any region DVD on it and if you burn a DVD it will be playable in all regions.

Some additional info: when ripping a DVD movie with software like AnyDVD or DVD Decrypter or any other DVD decryption/ripping software, the region locks are removed. Now when you burn your movie from the ripped files the disc will of course also be region-free.

Great ! Thanks for the help.