DVD "format war" has started

I just posted the article DVD “format war” has started….

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TOKYO, May 15 (Reuters) - Matsushita Electric Industrial Co
Ltd said on Monday it will launch its first recordable DVD player in Japan in June, mounting a challenge to…

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dvd-ram, dvd-r,dvd-rw. they are all completely diferent formats. dvd-r is all that matters to play in a standard dvd player. dvd-ram is useless except in dvd-ram drives. and they’ve been out for quite some time now.

Okay , the different types of media is stupid enough but jeeesus! I nearly had a hernia when i saw the price.
Lets start mass producing so all the poor fellas like me can afford one.

mass produce those dvd-r’s so we can copy all psx2 when it hits america.

Only thing that will be worth having is something that you can share with others and their stand alone DVD drives. That is why we still have stupid floppies. cause everyone has one.