DVD format to hard drive

I have some experience at backing up my dvd’s onto another dvd but I was wondering if it was possible to copy my dvd’s straight to the hard drive so that when I click on the folder it plays the files just like a dvd would play. I am planning on putting all my dvd’s onto a hard drive and have a nice library with easy access but I don’t like not having the same format (menus, options, etc.). Is there a software program that can do this for me? I currently use DVD Decrypter but it breaks down dvd’s into all the separate files. Thanks for any help!

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If you copy all files contained in the DVD on your HDD then there will be no difference. If you copy on your HDD only the main movie, obviously menus and other contents will be absent :wink:

Thanks, I’m still having a little trouble with it. Every time I rip a dvd it puts all the seperate files into a folder. So I then I can’t play everything at once (or in the same order) as a regular DVD would. Do you have any suggestions on what to use to decrypt dvd’s or the best way to save them to HDD so that I can just have a click and play format. Thanks again for the help.

Try to use Ripit4Me

Even though it’s all those files, just double click the VIDEO_TS.IFO and you’ve got it.

Dvd decrypter should be saving the dvd in a video_ts folder. In order to watch the movie you can can open that folder with whatever software you using to watch dvds. For example with VLC Player if you hit ctrl-e, you can open that directory. If you ripped everything to your HD then it will play just like a regular dvd.

You can point any software to play from a folder instead of your drive, usually by clicking on something like “source” in the player gui,then navigating to the folder (video_ts) that you want to play. Hope this helps.