Dvd format conversion

I have bought a Sony DCR 70 handicam some time back from Muscat. However the DVD recorder records the image in a format not recogonised by any normal DVD player. The recording can be viewed in the handicam only. Request advise on how to convert the format to a universally recogonisable one. Thank u.:confused:

Transfer the video from your handicam to your computer using the software provided with your camera (or other, if applicable), then use MediaInfo to identify the file type. Depending on the file type, it’s likely that FAVC, DVD Flick or ConvertX will be able to convert the files to a DVD Video compliant format. VirtualDubMod with a few helper apps will be able to convert your files into Xvid/DivX format, if preferred.

However, if the files are already Mpeg2 compliant, then using something like GUI for DVDAuthor will be much faster.

All these tools can be found via http://www.videohelp.com/tools