DVD Flick: recording multiple titles

I am a new user of DVD Flick, and so far, very happy with it.

1st short question:
I tried yesterday to record two 1-hour programs using my PC onto the same disk. When completed, I could view both programs on my PC one after the other (no menu choices). But when I placed the disk in my DVD player and tried to watch them on my TV, the player would only recognize the first program. What am I doing wrong?

2nd short question:
How do I create a front-end menu so that I can choose either one or the other programs on the disk?

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In DVDFlick, import your two videos. Click on Project Settings, then create a title for the entire disk. If the rest of the settings are correct, then click Accept. Go to Menu Settings and select a background that has Select Title as one of the options (in other words, not one of the simple ones). Click on Preview. While there, click on title and title select in the drop down box to make sure both videos show up. Close that window and hit accept.

Now on the right side of the main window click on edit title if you want to put chapter points in each of the video titles you have imported. Once set there, you are ready to click Create DVD and start the encoding process.

Thank you for correcting my forum eitquette.

You answer was 100% correct and helpful.

:bow:Thank you.