DVD Flick AVI file size



I have a 21.5GB AVI file (1hr 46mins) of Christmas family camcorder footage which I want to put on a DVD. I have tried used Windows DVD Maker but have since learned it has a bug which means the disc isn’t closed and so it doesn’t play on by Panasonic dvd recorder.

I have now tried DVD Flick, which did close the DVD but when I played it back on the DVDR the footage was of terrible quality. Even a simple transition of a circle opening up to see the footage was breaking up.

I’m told that you can change the encoding setting to BEST and also the tick the SECOND ENCODING box which should improve the quality.

Before I try again though… Will it make much of a difference to change these settings or is the original file too big to have it crammed on to a DVD in decent quality.

If it is too big I don’t particularly wish to split the AVI file up.
Apart from the bug problem, DVD Maker seemed to encode the 21.1GB AVI ok from viewing the unclosed DVD on another DVD player.

Is there better software to burn to DVD either free or paid for.
The only other option I can see is changing the save settings to a lower DVD standard instead of AVI when I take the finished edit out of Windows Movie Maker.



IDK what encoder DVD Flick uses, but if it isn’t HCEnc you aren’t getting the best quality. FAVC can use HCEnc and according to http://www.videohelp.com/tools?toolsearch=&Submit=Search&s=&orderby=Name&hits=50&convert=DV+to+DVD&dvdauthorfeatures= will take DV (AVI) files. It’s slow, but it also is free.