DVD Flick - audio, no video

I just downloaded DVD Flick and attempted to burn my first DVD from a file I downloaded on Graboid. It went thru the entire encoding/burning process. My file says it’s the right length as the original but I have no video - only audio. I have no idea where to start troubleshooting and would appreciate any help you can give me!

What did you use to try and play the dvd? If you are using Windows XP, it doesn’t come with a built in mpeg2 decoder, so you must use 3rd party software.

Try VLC media player and see if it will play the output from DVDFlick. VLC is free to download and use: www.videolan.org

I tried Windows Media Player…But what I really want to play it on is my DVD player and tv…It did not work in that, either. I will try downloading the player you suggested and post back here. This really won’t help my problem with the tv though, will it? I’m totally new to this so I really appreciate any suggestions!

The DVD played on my other computer and another tv, so it worked after all!! Thanks for the info anyway!!