DVD Flick - A Basic Guide



Hiya, I’ve burnt 2 films to DVD using DVD Flick but the sound on both films is slightly behind the picture making them look like they have been dubbed over lol. I was wondering if there is something I can do to fix it…maybe a setting that needs changing. Thanks, Rachel x


@ Rachieishere , If you have already burned the DVD Folders to DVD R disc then they are write once & closed.
DVDFlick has a minor Audio setting that might help but it could even make the problem worse. The setting is “Ignore audio delay for this track” . You need to add the A/V file then Edit/Audio tracks/ Edit , Check the box for “Ignore audio delay for this track”.
If you do you rips to a harddrive then you should test them on a player like VLC player to see how the Audio sounds.

AviDemux can change the audio delay you might try it if fixing this is important to you. There are other softwares that can do the same.

A final note DVDFlick does [B]not[/B] burn . It uses ImgBurn to burn . If you burned starit to a DVD disc it means you have set DVDflick to automatically use ImgBurn.


not sure if this is right thread to post this but i have a problem with dvd flick
i made a dvd and it works in my friends xbox but when i try to use it on my windows 8 system it just shows as two folders ,one with sound and one video
in the video file there are movie parts and they play with sound but they are in parts .which is a pain
is there a guide to show how to make one continues file that plays automaticly


DVDFlick should produce dvd-video as its output. This means it will have an empty Audio_TS folder and a Video_TS folder with vob, bup and ifo files within.

To play the entire dvd video as a continuous feed, get VLC media player. Once installed, click Media at the top left of the window in VLC, then Open Folder. Navigate to the Video_TS folder made with DVDFlick, and play your video.


@ kubepug , A very short guide:
Use DVDShrink . In Edit/Preferences/ Output Files
Uncheck “Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks” .
Then Select “Backup!” . Make the settings you want .
I think that is " Select backup target" “Hard disk folder” .
Then OK.

@ Kerry , Your way works also but the kubepug wanted a “continuous file” .

I don’t know if Windows8 WMP will do this but you may be able to just open the main movie .ifo file .


Thanks for this guide!