DVD final burn creates 40 minutes of film burnt instead of circa 2 hours

Up until recent everything was fine. Last week I had problem with my LG DVD Ram not reading all of my RAM discs. This was fixed.

Now since then when I transfer my films from my RAM discs via power producer Gold then either burning it straight from there or let PPG turn it into a mpg file and then use another programme to burn the VOB files, which ever way, when I burn the files onto the disk I only get circa 40 minutes of the movie instead of the full circa 2 hours. The original AVI or MPG files on my hard drives shows and plays the full movie.

It does not matter which software I use I still get the same problem.

After the other problems I have with the LG drive last week, it is about to go out of the window!!

This has nothing to do with your burner, it’s a software problem. If you’re copying RAM discs burned on a stand-alone machine, and if those discs are recorded in multiple segments, then unless your software properly supports DVD-VR, you will only get the last recording session, (or the first, I forget which).

In any case, it’s not the burner.

Up until recently I have been able to burn a complete film using the following:

1 – In Power Producer Gold LG reads the RAM disc and edits the film content and burns it back onto a standard DVD. No problems.

2 - In Power Producer Gold LG reads the RAM and converts the film into an MPEG and stores this on the HDD. From here I use TMPG author to convert the film into a VOB and burn this back onto a standard DVD. No problems.

3 – I use Rejig to read the VRO file on the RAM disc and this converts the film and audio to two separate files (mp2 and av2 from memory) and stores them on the HDD. From here I convert these into VOB files and burn onto a standard disc.- no problems.

On all occasions I can see the stored VOB files on my HDD, and if I play these back via the HDD using a player I can play the entire film from start to finish.

But now when I burn using the above, or even when I use Nero to Burn, the report or summary says it has been a success but on every occasion when I view the film I get only 40-45 minutes of film??