DVD filtering legislation signed into law - but is it fair?



I just posted the article DVD filtering legislation signed into law - but is it fair?.

 This has  been a hot topic around here, whether or not censoring of content is a good idea  to protect those that do not want it, either for them or even family members  maybe too young for such...
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So what the hell ever happened to actually raising your kids? Do you live in a society now were everyone else is at fault if your kid turns into a mass murderer, or is socially disfunctional. When the hell are people going to learn YOU are what makes your child what they grow up to be. Good parenting can not be repalced by content laws.


As for the legislation, I could care less. But the post before mine should be read and re-read by anyone who is a parent or knows someone who is. Well said Ranmacanada. And I don’t usually see eye to eye with the Canadians I know…:slight_smile:


Wait till they get hold of games! :wink:


Tell me your not going to beat this into the ground again :frowning:


Jesus Christ, it’s just a technology available for people to use, even Disney screws up every now and then, not every movie gets the proper rating, hell the the raters aren’t perfect. It’s just an additional technology, don’t like it, don’t need, then don’t use it.


So now this legislation could open the door for those who wish to decrypt and remove macrovision and CSS so they can reauthor thier own CD’s for personal use and make backups without paying a fee to Clearplay.


“It’s just an additional technology, don’t like it, don’t need, then don’t use it.” Don’t like it. Don’t want it. Won’t use it. Still have to PAY for it. Talk about terminally shortsighted… DUH!
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You only pay for it if you: Like it Want it Will use it so you won’t pay for because it’s a seperate piece of hardware. Talk about non-comprehension: if you don’t need it, don’t buy it…http://www.clearplay.com/


So, in theory, if you rip a dvd and alter ANY of the content, for instance, remove extra features, menus, soundtracks, subtitles etc, you can then sell it on perfectly legally. So what’s the beef with filesharing of dvd’s then?


So many of you act like this aimed at protecting children. There are adults who don’t watch R-rated films. However, there are some movies they’d like to watch. This gives them the chance to see the film now, no matter if it alters the way the film comes across. Case in point: The Matrix Glenn Beck (www.glennbeck.com) wanted to see the films, but because of his religious beliefs, didn’t. However, he went on the air and pleaded with Hollywood to release PG-13 cuts of R-rated films. They make UNCUT, UNRATED versions, so why not go the other way?


" They make UNCUT, UNRATED versions, so why not go the other way?" It already is the other way. If life offends you, just close your eyes or shut your ears. Dont strain through movies taking what you will. If it was your desire in the first place you would have created the art and edited it to your liking. But it’s someone else’s idea of art. Take it or leave it. You sure as hell dont see me putting a Moustache on Mona Lisa.


If it’s your thing not to watch R-rated movies, then fine. You are entitled to your opinons. Don’t watch it. But don’t demand that the films be altered so you can watch it. The world doesn’t revolve around you. But for those people to take away from my viewing pleasure, then that makes me mad. I have no problem watching R movies and I have that right to watch them, if I choose. It’s like going to walmart and looking for cd’s. All of them are censored, you can’t find the original cd of you favorite group or whatever. They should at least offer two versions of the disc. I can only imagine how mad film makers must be.


this country is going to hell in a hand basket!!!:frowning:


You people are fools. These types of devices will let directors add all kinds of nasty shit they envisioned the first time around. Directors won’t care what the MPAA says about the rating cause they will say “Oh Clearplay will make a pussy friendly version anyway”. It’s just like how you payed a tonne to watch LOTR or RoboCop in the theatres only to find it was edited anyway. Editing movies has been around for amuch longer than you guys think, it’s just that new technology is letting people other than the Studios cut out the nasty bits. This will have no effect on you guys.


…and if you believ it’ll stay a separate piece of hardware and not become standard equipment, I have some tropical beachfront property in the high arctic that I know you’ll be interested in. The same politically correct idiots who champion those too lazy to raise their kids properly will see to it that it ends up that way. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how society works today - get the blinders off.


Heh I just get tickled over how rightous (sp)people are when it comes to fictional film. Yet, turn on the 6 o’clock news and it is all there and also alot of these ads! “If your erection lasts more than 4 hours. please call your physician” Viagra. Mommy what is a erection?


These are not just pure Hollywood/fantasy films they are going after. Do you really want the next generation to think that the Holocaust was just a pleasant conversation between people wearing funny looking armbands? (Schindler’s List). Or that the Vietnam War consisted solely of Charlie Sheen talking to himself and taking long uneventful walks in the jungle? (Platoon). Because the way schools teach these days, that is exactly how they will be educated. This is no different than someone ‘editing’ the statue of David by putting a loincloth over the naughty bits since some people are too pussywhipped to handle mature content without being embarrassed or indignant.


But what would be “cut” from The Matrix to make it fit with his “Religious Beliefs”? The movie entirely challenges religion and a supreme being other than a computer program. So wanting to see this movie in any form would make him a hypcrite and a “sinner”.


I still say “Let the market decide”. If people want such a technology, they’ll buy it, plus the additional monthly service charge. If they don’t want such technology, then they won’t buy it. And if enough people buy it to make it standard equipment on future DVD players, then chances are that the prices will not really increase or only increase a small amount. Afterall, I can go to Wally World and buy a $78 TV that has the V-chip in it, so much for the V-chip adding so dramatically to the price of TV’s. Not to mention that this technology is easily bypassed so that if you and the MRS. want to watch a naughty movie while the kids are asleep or away, you can turn the censoring feature off and don’t forget to take the naughty movie out of the player by the time the kids get home.:o:g