Dvd films that halfway through it freezes and wont move



I have a Aopen dvd drive that has always been workin properly except (and this is what pisses me off) for some dvd films that halfway through it freezes and wont move. the dvd specs say it can read everything like dvd+/_ and dual layer but i cant seem to figure out whats the problem cause it only freezes with some movies, others it plays perfectly.
hope some1 can help…


Is it freezing on copies as opposed to pressed commercial discs?


Can you tell us what type of blank discs you are burning to? It sounds like a media problem.


Well kid as I am reading it he is playing not burning. I agree it sounds like media to me.


Yeah we posted about the same time; but seeing as +/- and DL were mentioned…

Let’s see ;).


If pressed media, then it sounds like a layer break problem…the laser won’t refocus.
But then again, considering all the info supplied, it could be damn near anything…

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Definately sounds like your player either doesn’t especially like the disks you are using, your burner doesn’t much like them, and/or you are using poor quality blanks. So, to echo what was said above; sounds like a media problem.

Especially for dvd video it’s important to use high quality media. With cheap stuff you’re more likely to have larger quality variations even within a single spindle.

Tell us what make and model of burner you’re using and what type and brand of disks, see if that can shed any light on things.

EDIT: that is if the problem is indeed with burned disks and they are your own burns. More information is always better if you want a meaningful reply.

Any way you can try your disks on another player, and do they play ok on your PC?