DVD Films freeze on pioneer DV-535

Have a problem with films burnt on a NEC ND-4550A.

Trying to play on a Pioneer DV-535, but they freeze up. It,s possible to step forward by chapter but I only get a frozen image of the first frame Any shop bought film will play normally. Bizarrely the same home burnt disc will play on my Playstation and also on the PC with Media Player.

Discs are TDK -R 8speed and also bulkpaq -R 16 speed. Same result burnt at 4speed or 12speed. The burner is brand new.

Any suggestions please?

Either you have burnt them too fast (to be readable by the standalone) or they are not 100% DVD VIDEO disc compatible.
This happens when using Nero for DVD Video compilations…

Thanks for your suggestions Chef. Yes I am using Nero 6. I don’t think the speed is a factor though as I have tried burning at 4 speed. Any suggestions for an alternative burner?

Many thanks,


Pioneer have one of the best lasers i have tested… i burn movies at 16x on my 4550A for a friend who has one and not one freezes…

Leave that Bulkpak crap. TDK is alright… i use Ridisc and Verbatim.

Test one of your burns with Dvd Speed for errors…

Maybe your standalone Pioneer have a crapy laser…

Thanks Null-A,

I’ll try different media. Q’est ce que c’est Dvd speed? Sorry I am a newbie

I,ll do a search anyway, thanks again


Try www.cdspeed2000.com. Nero uses latest version 4.11 but the site only has 4.10.

Many thanks Null-A


Standalone Pioneer’s have one of the best laser calibration. That is what I have tested.
It is a media issue in this case. And by the way, TDK can be a crap.