Dvd film to Harddrive and stream from WHS

Hello All

Ok first have done a search on this and can’t find any think! maybe I’m doing something wrong .

What I want to do is back up my dvd film collection on to hard drive to WHS then stream them across the network when I want to watch them.

I have managed to to backup the dvds that I have tried I’m using:-
DVD Decrypter

but The PS3 can’t see the film files! all the other pcs can I play them as if i was playing them from the actual DVD.

But is there a way of backing up the DVDs and cutting all the ads and rubbish out of the DVD and still get DVD quality play back? (this will also save Hard drive space)

Can anybody help?

You can get rid of the menus and extras with DVD Shrink, Reauthor mode. Just add the Main Movie and go to the Compression tab and select 100% and there will be nothing lost except the ‘Extras’. To save a little more space you can also Unselect audio tracks and subtitles you don’t want. As to why the PS3 can’t see them IDK.

Really? This is exactly what I want to do but not through a ps3. If you don’t mindme asking, What player are you using and are you using just shared network drives? Thanks and if this is a bother just ignore.

Since the kids grew up and left, I’m a network of one so I don’t stream, but when I did it was shared drives, mostly a USB external hooked to my Laptop. Once in a while I’d stream using wireless G to the laptop. I have a capture card and used to stream captured TV shows. VLC is a good player because it can play ISO files without having to mount them, allowing you to store your movies as one big file instead of keeping a separate sub directory with IFO, BUP and VOB files for each title. Shrink will output ISO files just fine.

Thanks! I just clicked on the file and then the iconed vts file and it asked me what to open it with and media player worked. Do you have this hooked up to your tv?