DVD files won't play on Mac


I’m new to Macintosh, i have dvds which i’ve backed up using software like dvd shrink, on a desktop PC. I would like to play them back from the hard drive on a new MAC laptop for convienience.

Does anybody have any tips? When i use the standard iDVD player it gives me an error message saying that “files are in the wrong format” when i try selecting the folder which contains the DVD files. they look like this:





any help is greatly appreciated…

Have you tried playing them with VLC? http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
There is a version for OS X.

To use it hit File, Open Directory and point it to the Video_TS folder that contains your dvd video files.

Best help I can offer. I haven’t used a Mac in over 20 yrs. But hey, I gave it a shot. :slight_smile:

Edit: And the files you’ve listed are ones you find in any dvd video…should be in the folder named Video_TS

ok, maybe VLC. thanks i’ll ask around about the player…

Open DVDPlayer, go to FILE, select OPEN DVD MEDIA, and browse until you find the VIDEO_TS folder of the movie you want to watch.

IDVD is used to create DVDs not to watch them.


thanks and i have tried what your saying. Yes i am trying to use DVD player, sorry i was calling it iDVD. that’s something else you’re correct.

DVDPlayer doesn’t light up the files when i go to open one of them… it tells me to open a video_ts folder but then they are grayed out.

When you’re browsing to select the appropriate folder…

  1. If you select the movie folder (the one that has the name, for example “HARRY POTTER5 ORDER PHOENIX”), you’ll get the message “The media type is not supported”.
  2. If you select the VIDEO_TS folder and click on “CHOOSE”, DVDPlayer will open the movie
  3. If you open the VIDEO_TS folder, the files (VTS, etc.) will be grayed out but click on “CHOOSE” anyway and DVDPlayer will open the movie

k, thanks Camellote…

i’m not sure if there is a video_ts “folder”. mine just lays out a list of files inside one folder which i created for that movie title. when i’m in DVDPlayer the sequence goes:

File, Open DVD Media,

the folder shows up in a column for the movie title, it lets you choose this but nothing else in the next column lights up. there’s two files that say video_ts.bup and video_ts.ifo. everything says vts_01_0 and so on. there’s nothing else to choose and choosing the folder only leads to the error message.

Try putting all the vob, ifo and bup files into a folder named Video_TS. Don’t know about macs, but many programs in Windows look for that specific folder name.

How did you rip the DVD?


ok, i tried making a folder called video_ts. didn’t work…


i ripped the disc with DVD Shrink… are these going to work? should they be ripped with something on the mac?

Try ripping again, this time using your mac laptop and MactheRipper.