DVD files to iPod



I have a set of files ripped onto my PC in DVD format (Just the movie). I used Videora iPod converter. The problem is that after 5 minutes of playing the file on my iPod, the audio starts lagging behind and this is really ruining the whole experience. If anyone could give me a way to fix this then i’d really appreciate it.



If the application has the option to used CBR for the audio encoding, then try using that instead of VBR.

Otherwise the only application which I have always found NOT to cause this asynchrony, is FairUse Wizard. You’ll have to make an ISO image of your VIDEO_TS fileset first (using something like ImgBurn or ImgTool Classic), but FairUse Wizard is freeware if you don’t mind the conversion being limited to 700 MB for the finished file.


Videora is kinda unstable IMHO, but if you feel it’s working enough for you, here is a supposed audio sync fix…
Click on : ipodlegends.com/videora-audio-sync-fix/
But I would recommend CloneDVD Mobile :wink: …Will save you a lot of headaches.