DVD files showing wrong file sizes and inoperable

Hello, I’m new here but I wasn’t sure where else to post this as I think it may belong in the protection section if it is even that.

I get large dvd files off a p2p program, put them onto 1 server and then transfer them over via ftp to my main pc for burning. The problem is that I have a 4 GB iso image etc and it only shows 150 mb or any random file size far under the original file size, try mounting and burning, failed. I tried using extracted Video_ts files in dvd shrink, mounting the image and copying in dvd shrink and reading the straight iso in dvd shrink, but none of that works either.

I tried watching the dvd via mounting and straight iso file in nero showtime / power dvd but that didn’t work either. I used an iso extractor, take the files out of the iso and tried them in nero showtime / powerdvd and now I get the main menu with about 1 minute of video and the rest just freezes. I am doubtful that this is a corrupted file because this has happened to me many times lately.

This has also been a problem for me transferring the files via ftp so lately I have had to transfer them by removing the hard drive and plugging it into an external adapter just to transfer the ENTIRE 4 gb.

I used to be able to do dvd perfectly and games are done perfectly to date.

Also my dvd drive seems to be acting up now, when a blank dvd is inserted it shows cd in my computer and says “Access is denied” right away. My dvd drive is also having problems reading alot of cds now as well.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

EDIT: My drive is an old sony dvd-rw from 2004 omni flashed around the same time with lite on SOHW-1633S firmware with all speeds checked and fixes applied.
My XP has SP2 and all current updates.

Even if I could, I wont help here, sorry.
The reason is simple: p2p with ISOs containing video-dvds and games…
2+2=4, still.

freeware dvd games and artistic movies from college / uni ?
dont jump to conclusions and dont accuse, you cant prove me wrong and i didnt mention warez.

there are many p2p programs that support school culture and non-commercial music, try soulseek for instance.

honestly, if you assume bad faith in someone this quickly and the fact you came in this thread offering no help, admitting you can’t help then - 2+2=4 that you are a smart ass, see I can be a smart ass as well.