Dvd files disapeared!

ok, my friend burnt me a copy of Tribes: Vengence. well, he installed it from the dvd, but when i get home (he lives 1 house away from me) my comp says it has no files on it! i also see the lines on the dvd that shows where it was burnt, and it should have atleast a gig on it. someone please help!!!

I think you had better re-read the Forum Rules concerning asking for help on illegally obtained software…

ok how about this, someone burnt me a copy of a game they made and out of there own free will (and legal), gave it to me but the files disapeared. how do i get them back?

First of all, what you’re attempting is illegal and hence, no one on this forum is able to help you…it’s also against forum rules, the ones that you agreed to when you joined! The disc is also copy-protected in order to prevent the exact sort of thing you and your friend are attempting.

Sorry pipemanid, slow on the draw…and I suck at typing… :bigsmile:

Since you don’t seem to get the point, let me remind you of the rules which pipemanid and maineman are correctly referring to:

Thread closed.

I know the feeling…I think imkidd57 is about to weigh in on the subject…