Dvd files and emailing?

i just bought a Sony DVD video camera. it came with some software to put videos on your computer. the problem is that they are to large to email. a small 1min. clip is still 40mb. how do i reduce the size of the file so that i can email to the family. i am running xp office, pentium 4 processor. any ideas?

All I can think for you to do is to use high compression rate on the video files untill the files at the size you need or use programs like WinRAR to spilt the video file up and send it a bit at a time so they can be emailed.

Open the files with VirtualDubMod and save, but compressing with the XviD codec (free codec, google). Then go to the sound menu and compress the sound with MP3 (lame codec, also google). Once saved the file should be much, much smaller.

Yousendit.com will take files up to 1GB at a time and you can send the link to them in an email for them to get the file(s). The link is good for a week and a limited number of downloads but you can use yousendit.com to get another link for the same file again if needed. Or you could set up an ftp server program and let them get it themselves.