DVD File Splitting



Hello everybody. I’m Kenny and I have a problem with the file splitting (or more like a question!) I have the DVDFab Decrypter free download. I decrypted the dvd and realized, “Hey, I have just now seen that it did file splitting every 1GB.” Is there anyway I can turn that off or is it definite? Just wondering thats all. Many Thanks

KennyG :bigsmile:


I have the Platinum version and I’m not sure about Decrypter’s current options but I suspect they are few. The only way not to split the files in Platinum is to write an ISO instead of VOBs. DVDShrink has non-split files as an option.


Is your drive formatted NTFS or FAT? Fengtao said it does not matter as the files are burned continuously.



I have the same problems. I don’t want DVDFab platinum split all files every 1Gb!! for me, is a big problems.