DVD Fault?

I have a dvd that when the movie is played every few moments the whole picture destorts, and the sound will cut out if I leave it going, the distortion will continue untill i fastforward the dvd for a second and play again, then its fine, untill the next time when it starts all over again. I took the disk back to the store and got it swapped for a new one. The second disk had identical faults in the exact same places.

This time I attemped to play the disk on my pc, the pc was able to play it perfectly with no errors. So I figured if I copied the disk it would then be ok, unfortuatly the copy is worse. The pc cannot even identify the copy as a dvd and the exact same errors still appear when played in my dvd player.

Ok so I went back to the shop, just incase the disk was never actualy swaped to begin with and gave the disk to the assistant and picked out a new one myself. The new disk has the exact same fault again.

Is this some kind of new copy protection that is messing with my dvd player?

could the entire batch of dvds be faulty?

Is there anything I can do to play the dvd properly without having to use the pc?

how old is your standalone dvd player ?

not too sure how old the model is, but I bought a few months ago

I think its a philips dvd652k if thats any help, I cant find any information about it on the internet, but thats the only model number I can find writen on it

hmm, don’t really know what’s going on there. i would think the backup copy you made would at least be playable on the Philips. try making a copy with dvd shrink using a simple guide i wrote @ http://www.network54.com/Forum/thread?forumid=336827&messageid=1097208752&lp=1097208752 and see if the copy plays.

If I got it right: it happens only with the DVD in question and with other DVDs?

If this is the case, I think it might be the DVD and yes, the whole batch can be faulty.

I had exactly the same experience with the “Mask of Zorro”, changed it two times, bought a third one in another shop, the result was the same. All DVDs stopped in the middle of playing exactly at the same spot.

Yes, it only occurs on the dvd in question

I tryed playing the disk in a different dvd player, just incase, and the disk played normaly. I have no problems with my dvd player on any other disk. This is the only disk that has ever had a problem playing. What is going on??

What is the name of the DVD ?