DVD fails to burn with Nero after HW Upgrade

New to this forum, but I’m certain an answer will be found to resolve my issue… :smiley:

I recently upgraded an MB, CPU, & HDD, thus forcing me to reinstall programs, etc. I’ve been using WinXP Pro/SP2 and Nero for about year.

Previous to upgrading the hardware, my Toshiba DVD burner (SD-R52721030) never had a problem burning DVD’s using Nero B-Rom, unfortunately, this isn’t the case anymore.

When I attempt to create (i.e. a simple data disk of files), and I click on the “burn compilation” icon, the Nero program shifts into burn mode for a quick moment, then it freezes, along with rendering other functions, such as MMC, or other system services. The program cannot be terminated via Task Manager either and from this point, the machine requires a cold shutdown/reboot.

This issue has probably happened to others, and posted in various forums, for some reason, I can’t seem to find a resolution that works.

Appreciate any/all help, and thanks in advanced.


Seems that other programs with Nero locks up as well. Just tried using the Nero CD-DVD Speed program, and it vapor-locked too.

@ lust4kicks
Try upgrading your Nero to the latest version

Did you format the HD and reload windows (clean install)? Make sure the BIOS detects all devices connected to the IDE Channels, and set to AUTO detect. Also check for DMA modes in Device Manager.

Also DISSABLE IMAPI in Services…Micro puts it to Manual after each SP2/3 update…