DVD FabPlatinum 4 creating unplayable dvd+r DLs. "c:0013 disc is dirty"

I have burned numerous unplayable discs using ISO files created by DVDFabHD Platinum, vers. 3 & 4 including the latest beta. The iso files seem to be at fault for the errors appear when i use my old dvd decrypter or nero to burn the DVD DLs from iso files.

Some discs are playable by leaping to the menu during startup. I do not have this problem when creating iso files using DVD shrink or DVD Decrypter. My medium is Verbatim dvd+r DL discs which are high quality. Any suggestions?

there is a known dvd structure problem with the new versions of dvdfab, ive read where this is going to be fixed soon. there will be a new version or a beta coming, so for now just wait.