Dvd fab5 copyed subtitles

I have dvd fab5 tried to copy a movie i own to my ipod using dvd fab mobil
it worked but it has subtitles over it. is it me or the program?

Depending on your settings, you must de-select (uncheck the box of) the subpicture stream manually before you click “Next”. On some DVDs the subtitles are part of the video and cannot be removed.

You can set DVDFab to select no subpicture stream automatically in Common Settings->Streams->Subpicture, just click on the topmost button.

im in thanks works. u would think i would have seen this well
thank you and is this really the fastest dvd copy program i mean
hour and a half is this fast compared to other programs i put ironman
on my ipod works great.

Glad this worked for you. To judge the speed, watch the “Encoding FPS” number in the lower left while the conversion is being made. The speed will vary depending on your system and the settings you choose. For faster conversion times, don’t use large screen sizes. The iPod screen is 320x240, so anything larger is not needed unless you want to connect the device to a TV. The iPod conversions should run at between 40 and 80 FPS, again depending on your PC and your settings in DVDFab.