I’m having a problem ripping dvd movies with copy protection. I was using dvd decrypter but to decrypt Da Vinci Code but it gave some errors. Then i Used DVD Fab Platinium ran it worked fine and the movie wa burned. However when i Play it on my dvd player it will get stuck in certain parts of the movies and it will block. This problems was encountered also when burning other dvds with DVD FAb


This is not generally a problem for most users. Make sure you have the latest version of DVDFab and try reducing the burning speed for better playback results. Post back if you still can’t get a good playback or have already tried those suggestions. Welcome to the DVDFab forum!


Also, what kind of media, blank DVD’s are you using? And welcome also to the forum. ~ Mike


sry asking cause i’m not so expert int these things. Where can i reduce the speed?


Under settings (Write) There is a write speed and a arrow just scroll down to the speed you want


Common Settings can be hard for new users to locate. It is the little button that looks like a gear in the upper right at the top of the DVDFab window.:slight_smile:


:bow: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: you’re right on my friend


Sometimes I go the short way because lately in other forums the poster gets upset because they think you call them an idiot or stupid if you go into long great details to help them


Yea right Jim, I just know you are talking about me…Boy o’ Boy.But seriously, if you navagate to that part, you might also change the setting that says, Packet Writing to SAO Writing for starters. That might also help your burn emerson8. Also, welcome to the DVDFab forum. ~ Mike