Dvd fab

I have just baught a copy of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and have had read errors come up when using DVD FAb and DVD Decrypter. Please advise if this is a dvd error, as i am contemplating taking this back to the shop

Hi bigthrasher02 and welcome to cdfreaks,

Perhaps a bad press as you suspect. From my own experience, I created a bkup - R1, FS, main movie with Platinum 3.xxx…not sure which version, but roughly when FF3 was released on dvd. I had no problems.

Which Fab app and version?
Are there any specifics re: the read errors, same file(s) with both apps?
I’m guessing it plays ok in your burner and standalone?

Hi maineman thanks for your responce, i have DVD FAB Decrypter 3. Both applications come up with readf errors on the same files.
Funny enough the dvd plays fine in my dvd player and burner? Any advise would be greatly appreciated,

Are you using latest version?


Still sounds like a badly mastered or damaged disc to me. A few isolated bad sectors here and there won’t affect how well a dvd plays on most stand-alone players (not a lot of video and audio stored in the 2kb or so for each sector that isn’t read :wink: ).