DVD Fab Won't Read From HDD



Tried many times now with different ripped movies on the HDD to get DVD Fab to create an avi using the ripped vob’s on the HDD. Every time I get the “Failed To Get DVD Information” message and it wants me to send in the IFO. Tried with 3055 and 3060. Guess I could go back further but I figure if it’s gonna work it would work on a later version or not at all. Is this a known issue with DVD Fab or is it just me?
On a side note, the automated error report for the IFO doesn’t fill in the address to send it to. What is the email to send the IFO to??


If you mean the place where it says something like “Email address” with a white text box below it, that is for your email address in case they need additional information. The mail-to address as far as I know, is still “fengtao(at) dvdidle.com” without the quotes, replacing at with “@”, but I thought it was automatically coded. I don’t understand why this process won’t work for you. I have done 5 or 6 AVIs from HDD files with and Have you tried playing these files with WinDVD or something similar to see if they’re OK?
What mode did you use to produce the HDD files? Do they all seem to be there if you look for them with Windows Explorer (IFOs, VOBs etc in a VIDEO_TS folder?) :confused:


I knew the first email was asking for mine for a response if necessary, but when it finally opens up the email program there is no email in the TO area. So even though I’ve had alot of these pop up I’ve never actually sent any of them because I didn’t know where to send them.
As far as the files, they are all there and play fine using several different players (PowerDVD, WinDVD, MPC, etc.). But when I try to open them with DVD Fab I get the same error time and time again.
To produce the files I used DVD Decrypter in IFO mode to rip the movie only. It didn’t produce the VIDEO_TS folder, and without that DVD Fab wouldn’t even attempt to open the folder, no error or anything. So I created the folder and put the contents inside it and then get the error.


DVDFab apparently doesn’t like something in the IFO files, but I have done this also before and it worked. But it has been a long time. I will try a quick rip and post the results here. Have you got the latest version of DVDFab? One of the earlier betas would crash any time you tried to open a HDD file in the “Source” window.


I’ve tried it with both 3055 and 3060 and neither will open anything from the HDD.


Wow. Will it read its own HDD files or those of maybe DVDShrink? Or just flat none at all? (Got a short movie ripping now with DVDDecrypter about 16:00 left to go) EDIT: 8:00 left


Here is what I found: In IFO mode DVD Decrypter did not write a VIDEO_TS.IFO file. DVDShrink will not read it, DVDFab will not read it and WinDVD will not play it if you tell it to “Play Movie from Folder” and then navigate to open the VIDEO_TS folder. It WILL play the VOB files just fine; I should say File, because Decrypter only produced a single VOB of about 5.8GB. I may have a setting wrong somewhere, since I don’t use it much anymore. Don’t know what to tell you from here, other than to use “File” mode and just select the VOBs with the main movie for processing if there is some reason you can’t use DVDFab for the job. :confused: If DVDFab will not read from its own HDD folders, and everything in Common Settings is correct, maybe try uninstalling DVDFab, do a reg clean, then re-install Please post your results, might teach me something or help others with the same problem.


That’s weird that when you did it you got a single 5.8GB VOB file. I got 5 VOB files and a single IFO. Did you rip in Decrypter in IFO mode? I would use File mode but when trying to rip this movie I get multiple PGC’s even though I only select one to rip. So I decided to rip the one I need to the HDD to eliminate the others even being there and thus there would be no way they would show up in the AVI. Of course, then I ran into the problem that DVD Fab wouldn’t open the files I ripped onto the HDD.
I went with CloneDVD2 to rip the movie to the HDD and DVD Fab reads those files just fine. No problems or errors at all. Knock On Wood It produced a VIDEO_TS folder and more files such as a few BUP files and another IFO file as well.
So when DVDDecrypter ripped just the movie I got 1 IFO, 5 VOB’s and no VIDEO_TS.
When CloneDVD2 ripped just the movie I got 2 IFO’s, 2 BUP’s, 5 VOB’s and a VIDEO_TS.
So if I ever run into this problem again I’ll use CloneDVD2 to rip to the HDD.