Dvd fab won't finalize disc, imgburn won't open drive under tools

dvd fab 5 won’t finalize discs, i downloaded imgburn and tried to follow the instructions to finalize it, but when i go to tools it won’t open anything for drive, its grey and won’t open. can anyone help?

imgburn needs exclusive access to the drive or did you not select the correct drive?

[B]DVDFAB Finalize a Disc:[/B]
[B]Right click on the FAB Icon[/B]
[B]Left click on Properties[/B]
[B]Left click on Find Target[/B]
[B]Left click on PcSetup.Exe[/B]
[B]Left click on the + in front of Patin Couffin Driver[/B]
[B]Now left click once to select your burner[/B]
[B]Right click on the selected burner[/B]
[B]Scrool down to the bottom of the dropdown box to Finalize The Media and click that[/B]
Also what brand of media are you using and the burn speed? If you have ImgBurn downloaded you can select that as the burning engine instead of the VSO engine as some people have had problems with the VSO engine, There is a DVD Fab Forum here on CD Freaks also where you can get more detailed help. BTW what version of DVD Fab are you using