DVD fab wont convert my whole movie



ok so ia have a copy of dvd fab platinum and i try to convert my dvd’s to xvid format to play on my computer. dvd fab says operation is complete after a while and then i go to watch the movie and the last tem minutes or so are cut off.

is dvd fab broken or maybe xvid? :confused: :confused:


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How large are your files? What are your settings? We need more information to help you.


Since you didn’t state which version of Platinum you are using, I suggest trying out version The link can be found here on the forum.

Hope this helps :iagree:


ok beforei get the new version (it is 1 version ago) here is some more info…

jarhead converted to 1.15 gb in xvid mode

useing high quality encoding(2pass), fixed bit rate(900 kbs) all other settings are set to same as source


Look Here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=203286

It’s a known bug. Ting will fix but not known when. Post any updates to the other thread…


This is good advice. I have done 3 movies with using Generic and iPod profiles, all perfect. :slight_smile: Might help to rip Main Movie to folder first. I did this for all three using Customize, w/“No Menus” option. Your mileage may vary.