DVD Fab went from to



Something strange happened when I added the mobile option.

I have been using DVDFab Platinum since September, now that I got a Zune I wanted to add the mobile option. I just paid for only the mobile option and got the code in the mail as usual. After the program rebooted instead of the I did have, it now says I downloaded and reloaded the program, rebooted and tried to re-register by clicking again on the activation. It shows it’s activated but now both DVDFab plat and mobile option is set at Not sure what to try next, I did send a message to tec support but wondered if anyone has had this happen and could offer a suggestion.



Screenshot attached


Did you try updating this version with the new version?


You need to download it from DVDFAB.COM not dvd fab.net the .net link is non-css version


Thanks Jethro, you know I would have sworn I did get it from DVDFAB.com but I guess I didn’t. That did the trick thanks


No problem- now you have 2 posts so your a rookie not a newbie…lol. Come back anytime-lots of great info here at CDFREAKS


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve been lurking for quite a wile but have usually been able to search and find what I need :wink:

Here is a shot of it working fine now