DVD Fab - VSO burning verification

I have DVD Fab I am using the VSO burning engine and have had no problems as yet with burning.

However, other burning engines have the option to turn on disc verification to verify the burn.

Does anyone please know if verification or any other such checking is on by default with DVD Fab / VSO burn engine ? There is no option in this respect in the DVD Fab options, so I assume that verification is either hard-coded on or off.

I would like to have some form of verification to check for bad burns, so if DVD Fab / VSO burn engine will not do this, does anyone have any tips for the best way to verify after a DVD Fab burn ?

Many thanks for any help offered

I feel sure it is hard coded off or is an unavalable feature. It runs too fast to be burning and verifying. I always pop a new burn into my player and watch it for a few minutes at several spots on the disc with particular attention to things you would expect to be located near the rim (the middle of a DVD9 or the end of a DVD5).

Exactly what I do… :iagree:
…chapter search through most of the flick and make certain of the integrity of the “ending”…