DVD FAB vs. SawV

I currently have the updated version of dvd-fab, the problem I’m having is that it will not rip the movie completely, as in it will rip right up to the last few seconds then it stops and fails. Has anyone else come across this problem and what would be a possible solution ?

Try cleaning the disc, this movie has been backup by many users so DVDFab can do the rip:iagree:

:iagree::iagree::iagree: Yup Fab can do this movie with no problem with ver.

Well I did try cleaning the disc, plus I do have an old version of Fab and the same problem occured. I’m going to get another copy and see what happens. I have come across some movies from the original sourse that have had some of their own glitches. thanks for the input.

Try setting Pathplayer to always enabled and try that