DVD FAB - VOB passthrough aspect ratio problems

I am using dvd to mobile vob passthrough to create single vob files, store them on my server and stream them with twonky to my ps3

with about 20% of the dvds i am having an aspect ratio problem when playing back the vob on ps3 or when i watch them directly (vlc) on my computer.

The image is wider than normal, it seems like the anamorphic stretch factor is applied kinda twice. It is not happening to all anamorphic DVDs, just to a percentage. I have tried to determine a cause and failed so far.

When i create a mp4 of any kind of the same dvd, the file has perfect aspect ratio. Only vob passthrough is causing this. Since it happens to a lot of discs, i might do something wrong.

I have had this happen also on one or two DVDs. They were both anamorphic transfers but could be made to display correctly in VLC with the manual aspect ratio controls. I never discovered the cause but assumed it was something in the authoring of the originals because it happens so rarely. They were also VOB passthroughs. Give some examples of titles that have done this so that others can see if the problem can be duplicated.

German RC2 DVDs

  • Pi
  • Dancer in the Dark
  • Nikita
  • Buena Vista Social Club

these are the ones from the first batch of about 20 dvds

Sorry, I am in R1 and don’t have easy access to R2 DVDs, but we have many users in Germany that may have them and could make some tests. Are they all 2.35:1 aspect ratio?

Some DVDs are authored incorrectly. I would run the VOBs through DVDPatcher and see what the specs are:

Look at what it says under Aspect Ratio and Horizontal Size/Vertical Size. I have a few French DVDs whose VOBs are flagged as 4:3 when they should be flagged as 16:9. With DVDPatcher, you can fix this authoring mistake. If this is what is happening in your case, it isn’t a problem with DVDFab but with the company that authored the DVD.

I now succeeded with patching the vob file, but I still dont understand why it works :wink:

The DVD is flagged as 16:9, plays back at 16:9
DVD Fab is showing the movie as flagged 16:9 during the rip.
The preview within DVD Fab also shows it in correct aspect ratio.
The ripped VOB File is flagged as 16:9, it plays back with stretched width. When i patch the VOB to 4:3 on the entire file, it plays back correctly.

I doublechecked if the dvd is really playing back in 16:9 mode on my standalone player. It does

On the original ripped vob, when i change the aspect in vlc from standard to 16:9, the aspect range changes from streched to correct.

On the vob i did patch to 4:3 the aspect in vlc is correct from the start, switching manually to 16:9 ratio in vls is not changing anything, still correct.

I’m wondering if there is such a thing as VOB (or MPG) passthrough and crop? I realize that isnt really a passthrough but I want to keep as much quality as I can.
My issue is a couple older DVDs. One I’m working on now is 4 Weddings and a Funeral. It reports to dvdfab as 4:3 and has black bars. A standalone dvd player seems to play the dvd fine but some software players don’t display the file correctly. VMC extenders for instance.
I’ll probably just go xvid and crop but I thought I’d ask anyway.


It is theoretically possible but in practice I’ve not seen any tools that do it. The cropped frames often need to be recoded due to the way that motion vectors work.

Thanks. I was think I can do this with VideoRedo but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll report back after I give it a go.