DVD Fab Versions - Need Help please

Hello all…I have been reading a lot of posts in this Forum, and am somewhat confused about the different versions of DVDFab Decrypter…I guess the latest version is, but I see recently a lot of posts that say “Version just released” etc…

So what’s going on, which one should I be using to back up my DVD movie “Monster House”? I understand a lot of people been having problems backing this up (as I have also been unable to back it up) using DVD Fab, so some are saying they used version and it works.

So if I try to use the latest version and having problems, should I resort to trying, and if so, how can I obtain this earlier version??

Please help, I appreciate it guys!


DVD Fab Platinum has a bug in it so wait on that one,

Try this link:



Thanks a bunch guys, I really appreciate your help and the vast knowledge of the people here on these boards…