DVD fab updating



I am currently running version I have updated every version since up to the current version every version has updated successfully, yet when i run the program version keeps popping up. I have tried to search for similar posts but could not find any. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Suggestion: Uninstall the current version. Run a registry cleaner, such CCleaner. Download the full installer from the posted link and run it As Administrator. Do this instead of using the automatic updater, some systems have problems with it. If you happen to have Revo Uninstaller, use that to uninstall and clean up.


I followed your suggestion. It seems i had about 3 other earlier versions. i removed all except just in case i messed up. i downloaded the full version and filled in my email and password. Now i have the latest version. I did not clean the registry, that is beyond my feeble mind. Thank you.