DvD Fab stops at 60%

have purchased dvd fab platinum,+gold+decrypting tool,also 1 click dvd copy+dvdX copy, all it can do is around 60% and it slows down to a stop, is the decryption not working? tryed re installing but no good, HELP!!!

Sounds like you have some programs conflicting with each other.


Agree with Mack, based on your posts, sounds like an application conflict(s).

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i am using dvd fab express when burning the time will stop and go up in time and never finishes

This is typical of what happens when there is a conflict with another program. I was in a hurry once and when Express did not load as quickly as I thought it should I clicked on it again resulting in 2 copies of Express running and it stopped as you described. Express works in conjunction with most programs but some do conflict especially other decrypting programs such as; DVD43, AnyDVD, DVDIdle, Fab CSS free & Region free, and some other programs that run in the back ground. Check the burn log to see where program stopped. It can be opened in text editors that come with Windows.