DVD Fab: Slow copying of 'Ratatouille', and error when burning

I’m not only new to this forum, but any type comp. message type boards. Please bear with me…the main reason I joined was to get input about DVD FAB wich I just installed. For whatever reason when I tried to cope “Rattatouli” it coppied it at playing speed (2 hours) then errored when I tried to burn it. Any input?
I’m probably not even in the proper chat erea but I repeat,I’m a NEWBIE and I appoligise for my ignorance,hopfuly I’ll learn the ropes. Thanks, aadrummin

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Hi and welcome to the club ! First of all, we need more info from you. What mode did you use to rip the movie. Was it full movie, main movie, clone ? What version of Fab are you using ? Is it ? Are you using the DVD Fab HD Decrypter or Platinum ? What kind of error did you get ? Give us some more info and we can go to work ok ? Also, what kind of system do you have ? Thanks ~ Mike

Also, I was able to back up this movie with a much older version of Fab. So it’s not the software ok. ~ Mike

Thanks Mike for the reply,
I have platinum 4.012 but fount 4.02 on a link from your wonderful site and that took care of the problem! A freind had an older version and was able to access “History” on the web site and I wasn’t able too,but since I updated to a newer Beta version I did manage to make a copy. I’m using a Dell laptop,not sure of the speed on the dvd tho. Again thank you for the follow up.

welcome to cdfreaks aadrummin,

you can get alot of useful information from this page.

also this is the official dvdfab homepage, here you can access the tutorial and a version history if you click on download.