DVD Fab & Shrink/Nero painfully slow



Hope someone out can help me with this problem.

Having been introduced to DVDFab Platinum by a friend I found it to be an excellent bit of software. Having used it to backup my DVD’s for a month with no problems at all, it has now starting showing a few chinks in the armour. Hopefully I’m doing something wrong and you guys can point me in the right direction.

At first it would take DVDFab between 20-30 mins to rip a movie to HDD. I would then use Either DVD Shrink or Nero to burn it to Disc. Total process time roughly 45 mins. I can live with this lol!

These days the process is taking A LOT longer. DVDFab is taking 2.5 hours! And Shrink/Nero is taking 1.5 hours! Even tho the burn speed says 8x. Total process time roughly 5 hours! As you can imagine I get fed up and bored at this!

Hope someone can help me out here.
Some info that may help:

Laptop: HP/Compaq nx6325, 3400+ Sempron, 1 Gb RAM, 60 Gb HDD
I have checked DMA and it is enabled.
No settings have been changed since it was running fine
Media type has not changed
DVDFab version (but have downloaded latest, yet to test tho)

Many thanks in advance



Sounds like your computer has switched to PIO from DMA, In the general instructions there is a DMA Reset button just click on that to reset your burners back to DMA mode, Also if you are using DVDFAB Platinum why don’t you just use FAB to do the whole thing instead of using 3 different programs when FAB will do it all. Also you might try uninstalling the burner in device manger and rebooting and let windows find and reinstall it, Just a thought :wink:


Hi Joedm,

Please check my thread which is listed directly above yours (unless it gets rearranged). We seem to have the same problem and maybe we will get it figured out with the help of some of the nice folks on this site. I already have two things to check out and will let you know if something works.


Hi Joe
Welcome to the forum, I would help but seems like Jimbo has your issue figured out already :iagree:
Good goin Jimbo :clap: :clap:


I resolved my similar problem by doing a system restore to a date prior to the big slow down. Good Luck.