DVD Fab. registration problem



Prolem registering a purchased copy of DVD Fab Platininum 5. Have tried to do this repeatedly, cannot drag & drop code as suggested by DVD Fab. support team (what support??) Have tried to input details manually,told that bthis is ok but will require a restart-wwhich never happens automatically so I re-start manually then, surprise,surprise-told that I have to register product again, this has gone on since 9/5/2008, have pringted 20 pages of so-called advice from DVD Fab Support Team, nothing ever helps, just repeat the same advice. I aslo find I have a copy of DVD Fan 4 which I cannot unistal,apparently uninstaller programs is corrupt. This I think is the problems, its like banging your head against a brick wall. Now asked for my money back, wonder what the reply will be. Anyone had the same problem.


Are you sure that you got the right key ? in the drop down box you have to make sure that you have DVDFAB 5X checked, also when you got your key there was also an attachment that you save then all you have to do is double click on it, also if you enter the key manually DON’T copy the * at the begining and end of the key, Also maybe you can get a MOD to move this thread to the FAB Forum, Good luck