Dvd fab read error messages

I am running dvd fab platinum version 3080 or 3086. I have had this problem before and patrons have had me revert drive to solve… What a pain. At any rate when ever I use the software many times I get a read error message that prompts me to Fix or Ignore or Cancel I think… Most of the time I ignore and take my chances. Why does this keep happening to me? The first time I ran into it was when I upgraded the product. A collegue of mine purchased the product around the same time with no problems like this. What Gives??


First off you are many updates behind. You may want to update to the latest version and make sure the discs are clean and not full of scratches and fingerprints.

You’ve made no mention of what you are trying to do. Back up DVDs to disc copy files to ipod psp and so on. Your system specs. What exactly is the error message? What gives??

The people here will be happy to help and the more info they have the easier and faster they will be able to do so.

I will take your advice and try an update and see what happens. I only use Fab for backing up dvds no playstation or other formats. I am running windows xp and using dvd shrink and nero to burn. I have Dell pentium 4, 2.80ghz.

This sounds like a dirty/defective original disc. The message was asking if you wanted to abort, retry or ignore, which is what DVDFab sends when it can’t read a disc. You can try going to Common Settings–>Read and clicking the button that says “Ignore Read Errors Automatically” but if the disc has bad spots, the copy will have glitches and jumps. And the update advice from my friend HDFATetc. is good advice–copy protection on movies changes often and there will eventually be titles that you can’t convert or back up (like with DVDShrink, R.I.P.).