DVD FAB Question/Help



Hi I’ve been copying dvds with DVD FAB for quite some time and I rented the movie Bad Grandpa tonight and as soon as I try and copy this one it spits the disc out a few seconds after trying to copy it. Anytime I have a movie that doesn’t copy with dvd fab usually there is an update that is posted that usually fixes this but when I updated the newest version of dvd fab the entire program has changed since my last update…now it says my time on the trial has expired and will not let me use it like it use to. It’s trying to make me buy it now instead of letting me use an updated trial like all the times before. Do I have to buy the program now or is there something I can do like I use to be able to do? Please help. And also please give me any info on how to get this movie to copy. If anyone can help in any of these 2 problems I’m having I’d appreciate it. Thank you all.


Sorry jrsmith2513, but we are not allowed to help people copy media that they have rented.

Please review our guidelines for copyright protected material: http://club.myce.com/f34/guidelines-copyright-protected-material-316049/

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