DVD FAB Products Discussion Thread

Hey every one most of us like to talk back and forth with each other about many things, BUT have no place to really do this except in the threads which means getting off topic.
So how about using this threads as a Chat Room to keep other threads on topic and at the same time giving us a place to talk with each other on WHAT EVER !! :bigsmile:

Cool!.. :cool:

Right on Tim, myself I thought the other thread was dead and over because it didn’t have anything to do with FAB, was another software problem I thought. :eek: So I think thats why we had our little off topic chats :slight_smile: but this is better :slight_smile:
Jim :bigsmile:

Let’s all Burn One. :slight_smile:

Well you know Alan is right and I think this way other threads will stay on topic even if they do not have anything to do with DVDFab, other members are like Mike said just looking for help.
[B]SOOO [/B] [B]WELCOME[/B] to the [B]DVDFab Chat room[/B]

:cool: I got the papers :bigsmile:

Hey maybe this is a good time or place to ask, does any of you guys or gals know what things you do or can change in MMC (Microsoft Managment Console) :confused: you know like tips.
I know you can

browse the tree on the left to search the following:
Computer Configuration --> Administrative templates --> System.
Search for [B]Turn off Autoplay[/B]. Right click and select Properties and change this option in Enabled.
and do the same thing in User congifuration --> Administrative templates --> System

LIST what you know

I may of had the same problem as the I Robot person except with the movie The Patroit W/Mel Gibson. I’ll wait and see when they get back with more info.

Hay, this chat works for me.

PS, Sorry but I’ve no idea what the heck you are talking about with the MMC stuff.
I’ll watch and listen. Maybe learn a thing or two.


Yea I’m waiting for that person to give more info too

Anyway to OPEN MMC…[B]Go to start button, select “Run” and type gpedit.msc[/B]

BTY is your name Ron or Rom :confused: I know …just a typo :bigsmile:

Good idea going to now if it’s alright with Tim being that I’m not using his papers. > Jim

I have no problem with this as long as everyone stays respectful and follows the forum guidelines. Happy chatting.:wink:

Thanks Alan

It’s RON. You would think that with me using only 3 or 4 fingers, I could at least hit the right keys.

Yah Alan, thank you and don’t be a stranger.

Thanks Alan
Figured it is better to talk and get to know fellow members this way rather then in other threads off topic :bigsmile:
And we will keep within forum guidelines.

PS…And don’t be a stranger either :bigsmile:

I’ll be on motel wireless internet for the next couple of days, so appearances may be spotty. Regards to all.:slight_smile:
P.S. And you may rest assured that Alan is always watching…:bigsmile:

WOW you use that many fingers :confused:
Me I’m like Mack, a two finger man :smiley: LOL

Yah, they keep getting tangled up with my toes.
I wish these message boxes had a spill check option. I have to keep using my AOL E-mail write box to check my spelling so that no one can see just how stupid I really am.

Personally, I’m uncomfortable changing settings in the Group Policy Editor. I prefer to use “Tweak UI” for setting things like Autoplay.


If you’re not familiar with Microsoft Power Toys, another one I think is really neat is “Open Command Window Here”. It’s a must have for anyone who uses DOS commands.


Thanks Fred I will check out the Power Toys, never get to old for new toys :bigsmile:


For that matter, getting direct to the point, here’s the registry key:

Value Name: Autorun
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Value Data: (0=disable, 1=enable)