DVD FAB Problems after Install

Hello and i am new here and I have a really big problem…I purchased version and it worked great. The i started having issues with DVD’s not burning and not playing and freezing, so i updated to Started out great, now when i click the icon to open DVD Fab…NOTHING! Its like nothing is there to open from?? Im so confused? What could be causing the program not to open??? I know you guy’s are smart - Please help! :confused: :confused: :confused: :a

You may want to do a clean uninstall of DVDFab which you can find the info on how to do this below in my signature and then re-install the newest version from the link below
make sure you have your registration key for version 3 because the one for version 2 will not work

since i bought it when version2 was out, how do i get a version3 key?