DVD Fab Problem

I use DVDFab Platinum and used it quite a few times for perfect backups split in 2 discs. All of a sudden (specially in new movies like Doom and Legend of Zorro) my backup does not play the first disc. If I insert disc 2 it will play it. That happens in my DVD player (a Mintek that has always played ANYTHING). If I play them in the computer they play normally… Weird, no? Please help. :bow:

First off, your optical drive(s) are much more likely to play a marginal burn or troublesome disc than a standalone. You may have substantial read errors as the result of a "marginal " burn. Has anything changed in your system?..using the same media - same MID? I would make sure your firmware is up to date. It’s probably a good idea to check the bkup for burn errors with a app like nero cd-dvd speed or vso inspector (assuming you’re burning with vso in fab). Liteon also provides a utility for liteon or sony burners.

Another thought is that the newer copy protections are causing disc structure issues when copying. I’ve only seen this with express in complete disc, not main movie mode. Issues like freezing, continuous looping of a sector, poor or failed navigation on the disc with the remote or within the disc menu, etc., etc.

Hope this helps.

BTW, what burner and what media are you using?

I’ve successfully backed up DOOM and Just Like Heaven using DVDFab Platinum Gold, Complete Disc, Keep menus, jump to movie on second disc and “Split to two Verbatim discs” with burning set to slowest speed.

Also Wallace Gromit Curse of Were Rabbit split to two discs. I used copy season disc for this movie. Gold copied the whole movie on disc 2 with menus and the extras on disc 1 with menus.

All play fine.

Zorro I used copy movie only as it fit on one disc using Gold.

Nothing has changed. I just downloaded version I will try. What is a “marginal burn”?