DVD Fab Platinum

hi all,
i’ve just bought DVD Fab Platinum and received a file via email called Ket.DVDFabPlatinum. i put it in the programfiles\dvdfab folder and tried to relaunch the prog. but i still have the msg ‘option only available in Platinum version’.
can anyone help ? where should i put the key ?

sure, you just have to download the correct version, as you probably have the dvdfab decrypter program, which is free.
Go to http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm to download the platinum version.
When you start for the first time, it will ask you for the key, which you can copy and paste in this field.

You should only have to double click on the key and it will work


Where did the email come from?
Where was purchase made?
Did you use a trial?
Have you downloaded from suggested links?