DvD fab platinum won't backup any of my discs

I have backed up almost all of my dvd collection with the free trial software of dvdfab platinum. Now out of now where it’s telling me that there is css protection on all of my discs. I’ve never had this problem before. I would really like to backup these discs as they are getting old and scratched and I would like to have a second working copy just in case.

Has the free trial expired?

I just installed a fresh trial copy.

If you like it buy it now. Your time is up.

It might not work being that you have already used the free trial once already

The free trial is for you to use to see if you like a program not to try to keep using it over and over for free as the author of the program has a right to recoup his or her money from developing the program and like Bob said if you like it then buy the program :confused:

good advise. sounds like you really liked DVDFab during your 30 days so you will not be disappointed with the registered version. in fact you will like it more and more the longer you use it. there is a great forum here. the guys which visit daily are very knowledgeable, also the software developers visit frequently.

Yes, I’ll transfer this thread to there…


If you receive “The disc contains CSS protection. This version of DVDFab cannot copy it.” message, it means you have downloaded the Non-CSS version of DVDFab.

To download CSS version of DVDFab, please visit:


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You obviously like the program. You will like the Platinum version even more. No more shuffling between DVDShink. There are also more options with Plat.
When I find something good I like to support the creators by buying their product. They put in the hard work to come up with the product, they keep it current with frequent updates, and they should be compensated in my opinion.

My version of DVDFab Platinum has always copied discs with css protection before, but now I have bought a new computer with Vista and loaded my DVDFab Pllatinum onto it I am receiving the message that the disc has css protection and can’t be copied. I have been using my DVDFab Platinum for a long time and have never had a problem before. Please help. Joy

Try downloading and reinstalling it again from here: