DVD FAB Platinum upgrade help

I have DVD FAB Platinum version I want to upgrade to the latest version. When I purchased this software about a year ago, I was told I’d have lifetime upgrades for free. Yet I can’t seem to find anywhere where I can get the upgrade for free. The website is for purchase only. When I click on my upgrade link on my computer’s software window, it just takes me to the purchase website only. I don’t have any registration codes – the one that I got when the software was purchased expired 7 days after purchasing it.

I’ve written the company multiple times and nobody responds to me as to how to upgrade to this version. I’ve been using the website’s trial version for the last couple days just to see how it works, but I can’t upgrade from that version either – it only gives me the option of purchasing the software.

Can somebody tell me how to upgrade to this version from my current version for free?

Go to DVDFab.com and download version You should hane no problem. Install on top of your original. Now you have a trial version that’s fully functional for 30 days. You will have to submit a request for a new key with your original email address. Then u have to be patient and wait. Mine took 3 weeks. Yes, you are right it’s all free.

Can somebody tell me how to upgrade to this version from my current version for free

Did you purchase from dvdidle as that was place it was sold when that version was available?

Did you use Element 5 as pay service?

When you said it expired in 7 days, was that the link to automatically put key in?

Have you requested a new key using the auto send key using the email address you used when purchased? If email address has changed, you will need to send a request to change the email address as this is the way purchasers are kept in their database used to send new keys. You will need a new key going from version 2 to 3. There are places to do this on the support page.



Input your order e-mail, and you can get new key back.

To those that replied to my original post:

Yes, the key code originally sent me when I purchased DVD Fab Platinum about a year ago expired in 7 days after my purchase. I tried, but I can’t use that code to upgrade my product. That was the one sent from Element 5 pay service about a year ago when I bought the original DVD Fab Platinum. The version I have is and want to upgrade. I’ve been using the free trial version for 30 days now.

I wrote the link suggested above, as well as DVD Idle contact emails to request the registration upgrade code and I’ve been waiting now 4 weeks with no reply. I’ve written the company at least 5 times already with no replies. When I purchased this a year ago, I was told I’d have lifetime upgrades for free, yet now I can’t upgrade and no matter who I write and how many times I write them. I can’t get anyone to answer back from the company giving me a code to upgrade my product.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this company and support for the product. This is a simple request. I bought a product and am requesting to upgrade it as promised when I bought it. Yet nobody from the company is writing me to provide me with access to download and upgrade my current product. My email address hasn’t changed since I originally bought the product.

If someone from the company doesn’t get back to me within the next day or two from this posting, I will be filing a complaint against this company with the FBI internet fraud division, as well as with the US Attorney General’s office for internet fraud. This is not a threat – it is something I will vigorously pursue as I take theft and fraud against me seriously and this is exactly what is happening in my case.

I expect to hear back from a company representative immediately with resolution to this situation.

Yes bevbruce, I know how you fell. The link Fengtao is giving you in this thread must be a dummy link. I have tried it a 100 times and never got a reply for a key resend. Could be Fengtao thinks it works and does not know it don’t.

Since you never got a reply from them after trying so many times, I would imagine by this time, I won’t hear anything either. It’s a shame someone from the company doesn’t monitor this website and particularly this string to see the problem. Fengtao – are you out there and reading this???

In the meantime, do you have any suggestions as to other software to use that is not made or administered by this company? Although I have an old version, I’ve noticed that the newer trial version that I’ve been using (that expires in a couple daysy) has some nice features and copies some disks that won’t copy in the older version. I’d like to purchase software from another company that does the same, yet ACTUALLY lets you upgrade like they said.

If anyone has any successful software and Upgrade experiences with software please let me know.

This link doesn’t work Fengtao.


It is not my task to defend Fengtao, but the link works, I have just tried it. E-mail addresses with att.net have been a problem for several users before because of the spam filters. Until the problem gets fixed I suggest that you use the free DVD Fab Decrypter. The new version compresses as well but you need a burning software as well because ripping takes place to HD only.

I got the link to open, so like Hun said some ISPs are famous for rejecting email from automatic senders. Open you a gmail or other free web based email account. Then change your email address in Fab’s database using the change address function. Gmail is by invitation only or was when I got mine, but I have over 50 invites if you need one.


I tried to send platinum to another user a few days ago…it was rejected due to being an executable file, ie., “.exe”.
I changed it to “.exx” and it went through…no problem.

I know for a fact, Yahoo will not block “.exe” file types, so you may want to give yahoo a try. It’s free as well. I’m not sure about the regkey and gmail.

Thanks to Mack for offering up gmail accounts. I’ll toss my hat in here as well since I have a bunch of gmail invitations…just drop Mack or myself a pm.

Hope this helps.

I meant to say that the “above” referred to sending to a gmail account.

Sorry, if this was confusing…

I guess what I should have said is that the Fengtao link to the get registration key code does open up – it’s just that I just never get a reply from using it. I must have filled in their online form at least a dozen times requesting a registration key code. Element5 acknowledges I purchased the product and resent me my original key code (which I already had from a year ago), but that key code doesn’t work. I input it into the trial version software and I still get the trial version when I try to open the software. I don’t have any spam filters on my PC, so I should be getting anything coming in from Fengtao in response to my posts and emails. And if Fengtao is reading this string, as they should be, then they should email me directly and provide me a new key code if they have some sort of spam filter running on their system.

If I use DVD Fab (free as you say), then can I burn with Sonic? I still shouldn’t have to be doing this all given that I purchased a $60 software with lifetime upgrades. Regardless of what the problem is, I’ve now posted this multiple times on this bulletin board and I’m not the only one from reading this board that has this problem. It seems to me that Fengtao is the problem in not supporting its customers, and perhaps a report to the authorities will help resolve their lack of customer support.

You’re not taking in what other members are telling you.

The problem is not with spam filters on your PC but with your ISP which, apparently, is notorious for rejecting anything sent by fengtao as spam.

This means that whatever fengtao may have sent to you almost certainly is being blocked by your ISP so you’re not going to receive it whether or not you use spam filters.

Why not try one of the gmail accounts that both bigmacnc and maineman have been kind enough to offer you?

SPAM filter messages coming into an e-mail system and not when you send it. Many people have told you the spam filter is from the ISP and not your PC or DVDIdle servers

The authorities, FBI, etc are law enformcement agencies and not in the business of resolving customer support problems for people. Their job is to enforce laws and catch criminals.

Since Fengtao and everyone else responding is trying to resolve the issue but won’t come hand deliver a key code like you want and hold your hand while you get your computer working…you get mad and start threatening people. Maybe you should try to be a little more open and listen. I think you would get a better response.

Hi bevbruce,

Please PM me your order number and order e-mail address, I will help you to check.

Best Regards,

Well Gang, I’m having a similar problem, however, my ISP changed their domain since I purchased and my email address changed with it. I have submitted for an updated email several times, went back and tried to get the updated registration code using the updated email but it simply didn’t work (25 times!); I’ve been at it for over a month, the 30 day trial period on version 3x has expired and I have had to uninstall and reinstall my previous version of 29(8), very disappointing. After reading these posts I’m going to try to use a different email address for my changed email and see if that makes a difference, however, I have also written to support without any response. Since it’s obvious this is a widespread issue, you’d think fengtao would take the appropriate steps to resolve it, even if only by posting a list of ISP’s they can’t send email to… Hey, I have a better idea, post a contact phone number, think MaBell would spam reject a phone call ??? guess that would be too easy of a solution…

ok, i have to ask. Would you be willing to foot the bill for an international phone call? especially if you were on hold waiting for support?

Let’s say you do get a hold of someone on the phone, you get the warm and fuzzy feeling of support because you talked to someone, they say they are going to e-mail you the key. If your ISP is still blocking them you have gained nothing with the phone support. The key code is not something you can really do over the phone.

I will be filing a complaint against this company with the FBI internet fraud division, as well as with the US Attorney General’s office for internet fraud.

Might as well send your name, address, phone number to DMCA and DMAA since you will be admitting to owning software to over ride encryption on DVDs. Save them a few steps since first thing FBI will do is contact them. Filing a complaint with Internet Fraud Complaint Center is a waste of time unless thousands of dollars is involved. I have filed a complaint for legal items, and received a nice long email thanking me and all that BS. Never heard from them again.


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